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Our Offices offer integrated legal and technical litigation support in front of national, European Community and international courts and judicial panels on planning (regional and urban), environmental and investment safety issues. In addition, it offers consulting services about the said issues to a varied array of Public and Private Entities (Prefectures, Municipalities, Public Sector entities, National Parks Authorities, Non-Governmental Organisations, Private Enterprises etc.) and Private Parties.

These integrated legal and technical litigation support services cover issues arising in relation to:

    • Due diligence of investments from the point of view of planning (regional and urban) and environmental law.
    • Interpretation and application of L. 3894/2010 “on strategic investments” (fast track) and L. 3986/2011 “on development of public estate”, as amended and in force.
    • Advisable application of the Greek national/general framework, the Greek special frameworks on industry, fish farming, tourism and renewable energy, and regional frameworks during programming and application of investment.
    • The approval and application of planning frameworks, land use plans, local plans, etc.
    • The issue and revision of planning permissions and their revisions.
    • The allowed and forbidden land uses and land uses in force.
    • The ratification and amendment of local implementation plans.
    • The programming and materialization of urban-planning regenerations.
    • The application and interpretation of the provisions of the former General Building Regulations and the current New Building Regulation (NOK, L.4067/2012)
    • The application of laws 3843/2010 “on semi-outdoor spaces” and law 4014/2011-4178/2013 “on illegal construction”.
    • The application of European and national law on noise.
    • The evaluation of the completeness and quality of environmental impact assessment studies and the approval of environmental terms procedure in general.
    • The realization of public works infrastructures and private works and schemes (i.e. road building, landfill sites, waste water purification plants, water resources management, tourist installations etc.).
    • The site locating and construction of industrial, manufacturing and all kinds of mechanical installations.
    • The site locating and creation of quarry sites and units.
    • The site locating and creation of power generating plants (i.e. wind farms, photovoltaic parks, hydroelectric power plants, lignite power plants etc.).
    • The enforcement of Greek forest legislation. (LD 86/1969, L. 998/1979, L. 3208/2003 and relevant regulatory framework).
    • The application of law 3889/2010 “on the ratification of forest maps” (submission of Objections etc).
    • The enforcement of nature conservation legislation (i.e. protected areas, “Natura 2000” sites, etc.).
    • The enforcement of Greek National fishing legislation and relevant EU Regulations.
    • The enforcement of architectural, historical and cultural heritage conservation legislation.
    • EU financing of programmes, schemes, plans and projects and the enforcement of EU environmental legislation.
    • Application of tourist law (L. 2160/1993, L. 4002/2011, L. 4179/2013 and relevant regulatory framework).
Further to the above legal support, our office participates in the preparation of studies relevant to issues of planning (regional and urban) and environment (studies on the application of European community law, environmental impact assessments, special environmental studies, land use studies, regional framework studies and the preparation of studies on codification of law. In addition, our office undertakes the processing of all procedures relevant to: a) Environmental and relevant licensing of activities and works of all kind b) Legalization –regularization of outstanding environmental and/or urban planning issues, and c) Addressing the Public Administration about all necessary actions relevant to the approval of General Urban Plans, Urban Planning Studies, Local Implementation Plans.