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  • "...[even] in most hard legal cases there are right answers... The question whether we can have reason to think an answer right is different from the question whether it can be demonsrated to be right."
    (Ronald Dworkin, Law's Empire)

Welcome to our Law Office site (Environmental and Planning Law)

– Planning (Regional and Urban) Legal Services

– Environmental Legal Services

– Land uses and safe investments in Tourism, Real Estate, Energy, Industry, Waste Management and Infrastructure Projects (Special Legal Audit – Due Diligence)

– Licensing of projects and activities – Building permits

– Real Estate Management and Development

– Ratification of forest maps (Forestry) – Submission of Objections

Dr. M.Haidarlis is the author of a new book (in Greek), regarding the current Environmental Laws and their application

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+30-210-3817406, +30-210-3841032


117 Charilaou Trikoupi Str.
114 73, Athens